The Future of
Bitcoin Lending and Earning

SeFo is an Optimized Double-Layer Fixed Rate Lending Protocol on Bitcoin

monetization solution

SeFo's fixed rate lending protocol enables Bitcoin largest holders and miners to monetize their holdings without selling assets.

Efficient capital utilization

SeFo's double-layer lending mechanism ensures maximized utilization and enhances capital efficiency of lending pools.

Scalability and stability
improvement for the Lightning Network

SeFo utilizes idle liquidity to build a "channel highway" on the Lightning Network, improving the overall performance and stability of the network while providing an opportunity for users to earn fees.


1. Connect and Submit Orders

Open an account and place your orders on our protocol while keeping collateral under your control.

2. Private and Secure Matching

Orders are submitted off-chain to our matching engine to ensure privacy whilst you wait for a match.

3. Maximized Utilization During Matching

If we can't find an immediate match, We redirect you to our "channel highway" for a non-blocking experience and extra yield. This not only maximizes your earnings but also improves scalability and stability of the network.

4. Optimized Lending

Once matched, liquidity is returned to your control and the appropriate parties are notified for lending with optimized route direction and best rate.

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